Personal Air Purifier KR720

A high-performance wearable negative ion air purifier with a built-in fan

The only super efficient personal negative ion air purifier you need in allergen season. Its speeding fan makes it 25% more efficient than other personal negative ion air purifiers.



Personal Air Purifier KR720




Wearable negative ion air purifier with innovative technology


The mini air purifier uses ionic technology and incorporates 12,000,000 negative ions to provide maximum protection. Force airborne pollutants ( pollen, dust, bacteria, etc.) away from your personal space. Effectively clean the air and no need for filter replacement.



How do negative ions purify the air?


1) Ionizing

When the ionizer charges oxygen in the air, negative ions are generated.


2) Capturing & Neutralizing

Negative ions attract & bind with airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke, and PM2.5, and charge neutralization occurs. 

3) Landing

The air pollutants get clustered and subside naturally to the ground instead of being inhaled into the lungs.



A more powerful air purification experience


Its unique built-in fan makes it capable of eliminating pollutants with high efficiency (25% more efficient than other wearable negative ion air purifiers). It emits healthy negative ions and pushes contaminants away from your breathing zone, creating a sphere of protection against harmful pollutants.



KR720 particle purification test - an air purifier that works


Optional for two modes: ION & ION+FAN. Select the ION+FAN to speed up its puri cation when you are in a space with air pollutants.



Energy-efficient wearable negative ion air purifier


Its rechargeable battery lasts up to 168 hours on one single charge, ensuring protection against airborne pollutants. That is perfect for protecting you during allergy season.



Compact and lightweight, suitable for everyone


The device is lightweight and can be hung on a waist belt, around the neck with the included shoulder strap, in a car, at home, in an office, or when traveling.



A safe negative ion air purifier with multiple certificates


Effective, safe, and user-friendly design with multiple certifications. CE, FCC, PSE, ROHS certifications, and test reports.



KR720 series - make your design now!



KR720 features

• The highest efficient wearable negative ion air purifier on the market

• Lightweight & compact design

• Hight efficient negative Ion: 12,000,000/cm3 per second

• Mini fan enhances the range and efficiency of purification

• Simple design to fit your dressing

• Can continuously use up to 168 hours after charging 1 hour at its ion mode or 8 hours after charging 1 hour at its ion+fan mode

Model No.KR720
Negative Ion12,000,000 cm³ / sec.
PowerLithium battery (USB Charging)
Weight40 g
Product DimensionL46 x W24 x H68 mm
AccessoryAir purifier, lanyard, USB cable, user manual


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