Personal Air Purifier KR730

Portable, Powerful, and Smart

The most powerful and portable HEPA 13 negative ion air purifier you can get in its class. Powerful fans, HEPA 13, and negative ions absorb dust, smoke, allergens, and pollutants around you. Yet, It's only a water bottle size.



Personal Air Purifier KR730




Portable HEPA air purifier & air ionizer with intelligent Air Quality Indicator


Include an air quality sensor to check the air quality by using Green (Good), Orange (normal), and Red (Bad) to indicate the air quality around you.



Negative ion + HEPA filter to purify the air at the same time


Solid motor construction with new technology. Powerful air purifing speed, Purifing the air quality in a short time.



Air ionizer with 12,000,000 negative ions per cm³/sec.


Many negative ions are dispelled into the air and force airborne pollutants ( pollen, dust, bacteria, etc.) away from your personal space.



How do negative ions purify the air?


1) Ionizing

When the air ionizer charges oxygen in the air, negative ions are generated.


2) Capturing & Neutralizing

Negative ions attract & bind with airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke, and PM2.5, Charge neutralization occurs. 


3) Landing

The air pollutants get clustered and subside naturally to the ground instead of being inhaled into the lungs.



Use HEPA 13 to purify 99.97% of pollutants around you


Using HEPA H13 filter to remove 99.97% of particles over 0.3 microns, including droplets, dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and odors



3 modes of portable air purifier



Auto Mode will control the fan speed based on the current air quality


Maximum airflow to purify air quality


Low fan speed, low noise, low power consumption, best to work in a quiet environment




Air purification in sleep mode


Runs less than 30 dB low noise. The lowest noise level will not disturb your dream.



A portable HEPA air purifier with aroma stone brings you fresh air and fragrance


Just add a few drops of essential oil to the aroma stone in the air purifier. The air purifier will fill the room with your favorite fragrance



Comparison of KR730/ KR730A/ KR730D 


Li-ion Battery  
Filter Detector   
Air Quality Sensor  
Filter Change Reminder 
Ionic Generator 



A safe portable HEPA air purifier & air ionizer with multiple certifications


Effective, safe, and user-friendly design with multiple certifications. CE, FCC, VDE, ROHS certifications, and test reports.



The portable air purifier you can use anytime, anywhere


Take clean air wherever you go. KR730 is as small as a water bottle and can fit in a cup holder. You can use it as a car air purifier. Also can use it anywhere: office, small rooms, baby chambers, library, bathroom, and more.



KR730 Series




KR730 features


• Compact & Powerful design.

• 2 Stage air puri cation: HEPA  filter + negative ionic technology.

• Optional 3-speed setting.

• Smart air quality indicator.

• Filter replacement reminder.

• 3 special cations available: KR730 Premium, KR730A Genius, KR730D Essential

• Super quiet sleep mode.

• Additional fresh air with aroma.





Model No.KR730
Suitable Room Size7 m²
CADR (m³/hr)15 m³ / hr
MaterialABS/ PC
Weight400 g
Product DimensionL76 x W76 x H180 mm
PowerLi-ion 5,200 mAh (USB Charging)
AccessoryHEPA Filter x1, USB-C cord, User manual


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