Portable UVC Wand KF202

Disinfecting anytime, anywhere

The most affordable UV light sanitizer wand. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry. The UV light is powered by 4 AA batteries. And the UV safety switch ensures your skin and eyes are protected during use.

Portable UVC Wand KF202




UV light disinfection


Ultraviolet C (UVC) with a wavelength of 253.7nm (ozone-free), offering extensive coverage and disinfection power to help disinfect tools and accessories, thereby reducing the spread of germs, bacteria, and contaminations.



How does UVC disinfect items?


Using UVC light (253.7nm) to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.



UV light sanitizer wand provides 99% disinfection in 5 mins


Our goal is to make sure the UV light disinfection works as promised. 5 mins of disinfectant can kill most of the daily bases of germs and viruses.



Intertek LabTest of UV light disinfection


It’s our responsibility to make sure the UV light disinfection works



Easy-to-use UV light sanitizer wand 


1) Insert Battery

Open the battery cover. Insert 4 AA alkaline batteries into the battery box, and then close the lid.


2) To Turn On

Press the button then the LED indicator will start flashing. (Protection status) Press again to turn on the UV light. 


3) UV Light Disinfection

Hold UV light sanitizer wand approximately 3 cm above the surface and move the stick sideways over 30cm for 20 seconds. 



The UV light sanitizer wand you can use anytime, anywhere


UV light sanitizer wand is perfect for home, hotels, bathrooms, cars, beds, tables, sofas, towels, or in the office for disinfecting your keyboard, mice, door handles, remote controls, toothbrush, mobile phones, tablets, toys, or pet areas.



Lightweight design UV light sanitizer wand


The portable design which essential for home and travel. The UV light sanitizer wand can easily fit into your pocket, purse, backpack, or suitcase, allowing you to stay safe when using public transport or staying in a hotel room.



UV light safety switch



The UV light turns off automatically after rotating 90 degrees during the disinfection process. Avoid direct contact of ultraviolet light with skin and eyes.



A safe UV light disinfection device


Effective, safe, and user-friendly design with multiple certifications. CE, FCC, ROHS certifications, and Photobiological Safety Test.



KF202 features


• Easy to use portable UV light sanitizer wand

• AA battery-powered device

• Safe design. The UV light turns off automatically after rotating 90 degrees during the disinfection process.

• Perfect UV light disinfection for mobile phones, iPods, keyboards, laptops, toys, toothbrushes, remote controls, door handles, toilet covers, hotel, closets, toilets, and pet areas.




Model No.KF202
Operation VoltageDC 6V
Operation Current320 ± 50 mA
UVC Wavelength253.7 nm (Ozone Free)
DimensionL264 x W42 x H38 mm
Power4 AA batteries
Weight140 g


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