Portable water filter bottle KP0201

A portable water purifier bottle with a nano-silver filter that enriches your drinking experience.

Portable water filter bottle




Negative Ion & Energy Water Filter Cartridge


The filter can filter 600 liters of tap water (about 5~6 months), equal to 1,000 bottles of 600ml bottled water. It's an environmentally friendly and money-saving solution.



How does the Nanosilver carbon filter work?



Cations and anions attract each other, so silver ions affect the cell walls of bacteria.

Silver ions penetrate the cell wall and rapidly bind to oxygen-containing metabolic enzymes.

Nanosilver blocks metabolism and suffocates bacteria. When the bacteria rupture, the silver ions leave.



KP0201 Series




Enjoy the clean water every time, everywhere



Model No.KP0201
Capacity700 ml
DimensionH 25 cm x W 7.4 cm 
MaterialBottle: Tritan / Cover: PP
Place Of OriginDesign and Made in Taiwan


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