Portable Water Filter Bottle KP0201

The antibacterial nano silver formula coated with the high-quality coconut shell activated carbon inhibits bacteria and efficiently removes the chlorin work with the BPA Free Tritan bottle to provide a healthy alkaline and small molecular water everywhere.



Negative Ion & Energy Water Filter Cartridge




The filter can filter 600 liters of tap water (about 5~6 months), equal to 1,000 bottles of 600 ml bottled water. It's an environmentally friendly and money-saving solution.



How does Nanosilver Carbon Filter work?



• Cations and anions attract each other, so the silver ions will impact the cell wall of the bacterium.

• Silver ions then penetrate the cell wall and quickly combine with the oxygenic metabolic enzyme.

• Nano Silver will block metabolism and suffocate the bacteria; the silver ions will exit when the bacterium ruptures.



KP0201 series







Model No.KP0201
Capacity700 ml
DimensionH250 x W7.4 mm
MaterialBottle: Tritan  / Cover: PPEach ball can be used for clothes weighing 2.3 kg
Place Of OriginDesign and  Made in Taiwan


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