Portable Water Filter Kettle KP0202

A rechargeable and portable kettle with a silver ion water filter can filter dirty water directly into drinking water.

Portable Water Filter Kettle



  • Easily control the water output volume

  • No power plug requiring while using

  • Optimum purification through nanosilver filter

  • Each filter provides up to 1,800 liters of drinkable water, removing 99.99% of bacteria

  • A built-in filter replacement reminder checks the quality of your drinking water



Water Recovery Systems Filter Cartridge


  • Nanosilver: Not only inhibits the growth of water-borne bacteria and microbes but also absorbs chlorine, pesticide residues, heavy metals, and harmful chemicals while purifying water.


  • Hollow fiber membrane: The 0.1~0.01 microns can effectively remove contaminants, such as water-borne bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms, iron, suspended solids, sediment, and macromolecular organic substances.


  • Alkaline water: pH8 level can neutralize and rinse acidic inside the human body, helping our body buffer acidity to better health and balance.


  • Filter lifetime: The filter can be up to 1,800 liters or used for one year. (Lifetime depending on the water quality of each region)



Effective Filtration


A single cartridge with multifunctional filters: hollow fiber + nanosilver activated carbon for removal of chlorine, pesticides, contaminants, sediments, bacteria, and suspended solids.



How Much Can You Save with a Portable Water Filter Kettle?


1,800 liters equivalent to 3,000 bottles of mineral water. You can save USD 4,600 and 3,000 plastic bottles. Based on a 600ml bottle of water, USD 1.6 each.




Portable design


Including a lithium battery can be charged through a USB cord or a power supply. Based on 3 liters of drinking water, it can use continuously for up to two weeks per charge.





Model No.KP0202
Capacity1,500 ml
Weight1,000 ± 20 g
ChargingUSB connector
DimensionH 28 cm x W 11 cm 
MaterialBottle: Tritan / Cover: PP
1,000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Place Of OriginDesign and Made in Taiwan


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