UVC Sterilizing Station for Smartphone KF263

Sanitizing your phone 360° in 5 mins

KF263 UV phone sanitizer box can light up the smartphone 360° with two UV lights. Its 5 mins treatment makes sure your phone is sanitized and safe for everyday use.





UVC Sterilizing Station for Smartphone KF263




About the ultraviolet C (UVC)


UVC with a wavelength of 253.7nm (ozone-free), offering extensive coverage and sanitization power to help sanitize tools and accessories, thereby reducing the spread of germs, bacteria, and contaminations.



99.99% sanitization


kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.




UV phone sanitizer box with 360º surface sanitization


The 2 UVC light bulbs can light up both the smartphone's front and back surface at the same time to ensure your item is perfectly sanitized.



Vertical design UV phone sanitizer box that can save space


The vertical design not only saves space but also fits on the counter and dressing table. Ideal for business counters like telecom stores, hotel receptions, bank counters, clinic counters, etc.



UVC safety switch


The UVC light shuts down automatically when the lid opened slightly. The transparent lid is 100% UVC light proofed.



How to use UV phone sanitizer box KF263 to sanitize your smartphone?


1) Put your smartphone into the chamber


2) Close the lid then switch from OFF to I or II



Spacious phone sanitizer room fit 99% of smartphones (4" -7.2") in the market


Its unique vertical design can provide the largest clean room in the smallest table area. Its large sanitizing space fits 99% of smartphones (4" -7.2") in the market.



What else you can sanitize with your UV sanitizer box?


mode I: 5 mins sanitization


mode II: 10mins sanitization


Perfect for sanitizing phones, rings, earrings, apple watches, makeup brushes, earbuds, wireless earphones, surgical masks, and other items fit into the chamber.



A safe choice for phone sanitization


Effective, safe, and user-friendly design with multiple certifications. CE, FCC, PAHS, ROHS, REACH certifications, and Photobiological Safety Test. 



UV sanitizer box that perfect fit everywhere


It’s not only ideal for home use but also business places like store counters, hotel reception, bank counters, etc.



KF263 Series





• Apply the UVC light with a wavelength of 253.7 nm, the most effective non-contact sanitization method

• 360-degree UV phone sanitizer box

• Fit 99% of smartphone sizes in the market (4”- 7.2”)

• Transparent window for easy notice sanitizing process and your phone message

• The interior mirror can be used as a reflector and can also reflect the UV light in the chamber, thereby increasing the sanitization density

• Standing design, space-saving design

• Lightweight design, ideal for portable use with a power bank

• Spacious UV sanitizer chamber, perfect for smartphone, surgery mask, and other items which can be put inside

• Safety design: After opening the lid or completing the sanitary operation, the UV light will automatically close

• Ideal for office, dressing table, vanity table, store counters, hotel receptions, and so on




Model No.KF263
Operation VoltageDC 5V/ 1A
UVC Wavelength253.7 nm (Ozone Free)
Chamber DimensionL30 x W110 x H20 mm
Product DimensionL96 x W135 x H221 mm
Weight600 g


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