UVC Ultrasonic Cleaner KF240

You can clean and sanitizer at the once

The KF240 provides the 40,000Hz Ultrasonic vibration to clean your personal item. Moreover, sanitizing the germs and bacteria in just 5 mins at the same time.


UVC Ultrasonic Cleaner KF240




UV light sanitizer cleans what you can't see


UVC with a wavelength of 253.7nm (ozone-free), offering extensive coverage and sanitization power to reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, and contaminations.



How does UVC work?


Ultraviolet rays can destroy the DNA or RNA structure in the cells of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms by irradiation, causing cell death or loss of reproductive capacity, achieving the effect of sanitization.



99.99% sanitization in 5 minutes


Our goal is to make sure the UV light sanitization works as promised. 5 mins of UV light sanitization can destroy 99.99% of daily basis germs and viruses.



Ultrasonic bath bring back the sparkle and shine


  • Residential Ultrasonic Transducer

  • 40,000 Hz Frequency


Using 40,000 Hz of ultrasonic waves to release dirt, grease, dust, etc., which are difficult to clean. Restoring your valuables to their original shine without deep scrubbing or using harsh chemicals also helps to reduce the risk of items being worn.



Principle of ultrasonic cleaning


When the ultrasonic wave transmits in the water, the water molecules cannot be loaded, and the energy of the ultrasonic wave converts to produce lots of vacuum bubbles. The vacuum bubbles with high pressure inside are blasted in the water to release pressure shortly after being generated. Then the tinny and powerful water column separates the dirt and dust on the object.




2 in 1 Ultrasonic Cleaner & UV Light Sanitizer


You can use the ultrasonic cleaner and UV light sanitizer independently or together to make it perfect for a wide variety of uses. Such as jewelry, baby products, makeup tools, personal items, eyeglasses, mobile phones, coins, and more.



An easy-to-use UV light sanitizer & ultrasonic cleaner box


Touch-sensitive button design, each function can be controlled independently and has been preset to stop for 5 minutes.

Example: iPhone 7 Plus (5.5”)



UV light safety switch


Make sure without direct contact  with eye and skin



An UV light sanitizer and ultrasonic cleaner machine with Laboratory Safety Certification


Comply with several international safety certifications to ensure product safety and effectiveness. CE, FCC, ETL, PSE, VDE, EMC, LVD, PASH, REACH, RoHS certifications, and Photobiological Safety Test.



An UV light sanitizer and ultrasonic cleaner machine that perfect fit everywhere




KF240 series




KF240 features


• The residential ultrasonic transducer is suitable for personal items

• UV light sanitizer and ultrasonic cleaner can be used independently or together, making it perfect for a wide variety of uses

• 40,000 Hz ultrasonic frequency can break down all dirt without deep scrubbing or using harsh chemicals

• 99.99% sanitization in 5 mins

• The UV light shuts down automatically when the lid opened

• Easy & safe to operate




Model No.KF240
Rated Voltage

AC 100-120 V ~ 60 Hz or
AC 220-240 V ~ 50Hz

Power Consumption35 W
Tank Capacity650 ml
Tank SpecificationSUS #304
UV-C Wavelength253.7 nm (Ozone Free)
Inner ChamberL170 x W100 x H55 mm
DimensionL202 x W132 x H129 mm
AccessoryWash bracket & watch holder
Weight1,000 g


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